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About the District

From The Lakeland Board of Trustees:

Readers will find in the following pages pertinent information concerning the Lakeland Joint School District No. 272. The school district is pleased to present this information in the form of a quick facts report and share with patrons what is happening in the Lakeland Schools. Questions concerning the information included in this report may be addressed by contacting a Trustee or the Administration Office. (Board of Trustees: Kyle Olmstead-Zone 1; John Shaffer-Zone 2; Tim Skubitz-Zone 3; Brian Wallace-Zone 4; Larry Brown-Zone 5)


Lakeland School District was formed by consolidating thirteen smaller school districts in 1949. Spirit Lake and Rathdrum High Schools operated until 1962 when the current Lakeland Junior High School was built to accommodate a ninth through twelfth grade student body of 300 students. The current Lakeland Senior High School facility was first occupied in 1979. Beginning in the fall of 1998, the Lakeland School District once again operated two high schools, with the opening of Timberlake Junior / Senior High School. 

Elementary schools are:

  • Betty Kiefer Elementary (Principal Dena Scott) serves students in grades K-6 and is located at 13898 N. Schooner Street, Rathdrum, Idaho.

  • John Brown Elementary (Principal John Asher) serves students in grades K-6 and is located at 15574 N. Washington Street, Rathdrum, Idaho.

  • Garwood Elementary (Principal B.J. DeAustin) serves students in grades K-6 and is located at 17506 N. Ramsey Road, Rathdrum, Idaho.

  • Spirit Lake Elementary (Principal Patty Morrison) serves students in grades K-6 and is located at 32605 N. 5th Avenue, Spirit Lake, Idaho.

  • Athol Elementary (Principal Kathy Thomas) serves students in grades K-6 and is located at 6333 E. Menser Avenue, Athol, Idaho

  • Twin Lakes Elementary (Principal Libbi Keyes) serves students in grades K-6 and is located at 5326 W. Rice Road, Rathdrum, Idaho.

Secondary schools are:

  • Lakeland Junior High School (Principal Todd Spear) will serves students in grades 7-8 and is located at 15601 N. Highway 41, Rathdrum, Idaho.

  • Timberlake Junior High School (Principal Chris McDougall) serves students in grades 7-8 and is located at 5830 W. Blackwell Blvd., Spirit Lake, Idaho.

  • Timberlake Senior High School (Principal Kurt Hoffman) serves students in grades 9-12 and is located at 5973 W. Highway 54, Spirit Lake, Idaho.

  • Lakeland Senior High School (Principal Conrad Underdahl) serves students in grades 9-12 and is located at 7006 W. Highway 53, Rathdrum, Idaho.

  • Mt. View Alt. High School (Principal Paul Uzzi) serves students in grades 9-12 and is located at 7802 W. Main Street, Rathdrum, Idaho.

  • Kootenai Technical Education Campus (Director Tim Fortune) offers specialized technical training programs to juniors and seniors from Lakeland, Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene School Districts. Located at 6838 W. Lancaster Road, Rathdrum, Idaho

Student Enrollment

Enrollment figures for September 2010 showed 4,422 students enrolled district-wide, with 2,295 students in the elementary schools and 2,127 secondary students.


A great deal of effort goes into selecting curriculum materials. The process follows an established research-based procedure. Subject area committees review effective practices and seek teacher and patron input. The selection of curriculum materials follows a seven-year cycle. The curriculum is studied and materials are selected in the first year and then materials are implemented and monitored over the remaining six years. All curriculum and textbooks currently in use are aligned with the Idaho State Performance Standards, approved by the Idaho State Board of Education, and adopted by the Lakeland Board of Trustees.

Financial Information

The Lakeland Joint School District has seen its general fund budget decline as state support has been reduced the last few years. This has occurred while student enrollment has remained the same. These reductions have been managed in two ways: first, through budget reductions, pay freezes and the elimination of positions; and secondly through increased community support.  The district’s focus during the budget cuts has been on protecting the student in the classroom as much as possible. In spite of spending less money, student academic achievement has continued to improve every year.

The adopted 2011-12 general fund budget is $23,358,832. This is $1,709,545 (6.8%) less than in 2008-09, an overall cut of $390 per student. The district continues to spend 90% of the general fund expenditures on personnel.   

The district’s property valuation has dropped dramatically since the recession began. In 2007 the total taxable value was $2,913,174,450 and in 2011 it is 37% lower at $1,828,740,239. This large drop in value has resulted in the rate per $1,000 to increase accordingly. It is difficult to predict if this decline will continue or if the bottom of the market has been reached. In 2011-12 there will be a two year plant facility levy that will drop off the tax rolls. There will also be a bond issue that will be retired in 11-12 resulting in a reduced bond levy in 2012-13.


On average, 1,500 students per day are transported on 38 regular school bus routes, totaling 3,400 miles per day.  Additionally, there are six special needs routes, eight mid-day kindergarten routes, 3 vocational routes, and four after school activity/academic routes.

State Testing

Lakeland students participate in the State of Idaho assessment program, which includes the Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) and the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI). The following graphs compare Lakeland students with other students across the entire State of Idaho: